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iLaw Crown Court Billing

Frequently asked questions and answers about iLaw Crown Court & iLaw GradFees

Guides to uploading your claims online


iLaw GradFees API Upload.pdf

iLaw Crown Court API Upload.pdf

Product Guides

iLaw GradFees Guide 2017.pdf

iLaw Crown Court Guide 2017.pdf

Crown Court FAQs (for iLaw GradFees and iLaw Crown Court)


  • What is the default login for iLaw GradFees and iLaw Crown Court?
  • What happened to iLaw Advocate?
  • I want to migrate my iLaw GradFees / iLaw Crown Court to a new PC
  • How do I backup the database for GradFees or iLaw Crown Court?
  • Why is iLaw Crown Court (iLAw Advocate) or iLaw GradFees not installing on my new PC?
  • Why is the Vat is not being calculated on my claim?
  • It doesn't look like the rates in iLaw GradFees are the reduced rates?
  • Will iLaw GradFees know whether to print the new AF1 form or the 5144F?
  • What should I enter for the Advocates Unique ID?
  • How do I claim extra Conferences and Views?
  • I cannot find the offence in the dropdown list
  • How do I make a claim for a Restriction Order under the Mental Health Act 1963?
  • How do I claim a case that discontinued at the PCMH?
  • Download the PCMH form for 2 - 5 Defendants
  • Claiming Litigators 'Elected Case not proceeded'
  • Claiming for travel on AF1